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劇団四季 マンマ・ミーア! WATERLOO RADIO


Top 100+

The Winner Takes It All
Dancing Queen
Knowing Me, Knowing You
The Day Before You Came
Summer Night City
Slipping Through My Fingers
10  Mamma Mia
11  When All Is Said And Done
12  One Of Us
13  Move On
14  I’ve Been Waiting For You
15  Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)
16  Take A Chance On Me
17  Lay All Your Love On Me
18  Waterloo
19  When I Kissed The Teacher
20  The Name Of The Game
21  If It Wasn’t For The Nights
22  As Good As New
23  Angeleyes
24  Our Last Summer
25  Chiquitita
26  Cassandra
27  Money, Money, Money
28  Thank You For The Music
29  I Let The Music Speak
30  The Way Old Friends Do
31  Andante, Andante
32  Wrap Your Arms Around Me (Agnetha)
33  Gonna Sing You My Lovesong
34  Även En Blomma (Frida)
35  Voulez-Vous
36  Soldiers
37  Kisses Of Fire
38  Does Your Mother Know
39  I Have A Dream
40  The Visitors
41  Ring Ring
42  Put On Your White Sombrero
43  Man (Agnetha)
44  Honey, Honey
45  I Know There’s Something Going On (Frida)
46  The Piper
47  Dance (While The Music Still Goes On)
48  Under Attack
49  I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
50  Story Of A Heart (BAO)
51  The King Has Lost His Crown
52  I Wonder (Departure)
53  Hole In Your Soul
54  Sista Valsen Med Dej (Frida)
55  Come To Me (I Am Woman) (Frida)
56  Du Måste Finnas (Kristina)
57  I Won’t Let You Go (Agnetha)
58  I Am The City
59  Like An Angel Passing Through My Room
60  Me And I
61  So Long
62  If I Thought You’d Ever Change Your Mind (Agnetha)
63  En Sång Om Sorg Och Glädje (Agnetha)
64  My Love, My Live
65  Shine (Frida)
66  Ett Liv I Solen (Frida)
67  Fait Accompli (BAO)
68  Should I Laugh Or Cry
69  One Man, One Woman
70  Head Over Heels
71  What Now My Love (Agnetha)
72  Elaine
73  Super Trouper
74  The Sun Will Shine Again (Frida)
75  One Little Lie (Frida)
76  Hey, Hey Helen
77  Du Är Min Man (BAO)
78  You Owe Me One
79  Pity The Child (Chess)
80  Maybe It Was Magic (Agnetha)
81  I Keep Turning Off Lights (Agnetha)
82  The Way You Are (Agnetha)
83  Alla Mina Bästa År (Frida)
84  Dreamworld
85  Just Like That
86  People Need Love
87  Fly Like The Eagle (Agnetha)
88  Hasta Mañana
89  King Kong Song
90  That’s Me
91  Happy New Year
92  Why Did It Have To Be Me
93  If You Need Somebody Tonight (Agnetha)
94  The Angels Cry (Agnetha)
95  One Way Love (Agnetha)
96  The Queen Of Hearts (Agnetha)
97  Heart Of The Country (Frida)
98  Rock Me
99  The Heat Is On (Agnetha)
100  Me And Bobby And Bobby’s Brother
101  Jag Var Så Kär (Agnetha)
102  Var Det Med Dej? (Agnetha)
103  Anthem (Chess)
104  Chemistry Tonight (Frida)
105  Det Är Vi Ändå (BAO)
106  Let It Shine (Agnetha)
107  You Have To Be There (Kristina)
108  When You Walk In The Room (Agnetha)
109  I Am Just A Girl
110  Saltwater (Frida)
111  Utan Dej (Agnetha)
112  Just Like That (Gemini)
113  You Know What I Mean (Frida)
114  To Love (Agnetha)
115  The Stars (BAO)
116  He Is Your Brother
117  To Turn The Stone (Frida)
118  Happy Hawaii
119  Vart Ska Min Kärlek Föra (Agnetha)
120  Sommaren Du Fick (BAO)
121  Ljuva Sextital (Agnetha)
122  Gracias Por La Musica
123  Kom Och Sjung En Sång (Frida)
124  Intermezzo No.1
125  Simsalabim (Frida)
126  Remember Me (Agnetha)
127  Lovers (Live A Little Longer)
128  Arrival
129  Bang-A-Boomerang
130  För Dig (BAO)
131  La Barcarolle (Frida)
132  Someone Else’s Story (Chess)
133  Älska Mig Alltid (Frida)
134  Lugna Vatten (Frida)
135  You’re There (Agnetha)
136  Love Isn’t Easy (But It Sure Is Hard Enough)
137  Om Tårar Vore Guld (Agnetha)
138  You And I (Chess)
139  Stockholm By Night (Benny)
140  Glöm Mig Om Du Kan (Chess)
141  Sovrum (Frida)
142  Allting Har Förändrat Sej (Agnetha)
143  On And On And On
144  My Mama Said
145  Another You, Another Me (Gemini)
146  Dröm Är Dröm Och Saga Saga (Agnetha)
147  Man Vill Ju Leva Lite Dessemellan (Frida)
148  Have Mercy (Gemini)
149  Ögonen (Frida)
150  The Last Time (Agnetha)
151  Saknadens Rum (BAO)
152  That’s Tough (Frida)
153  What About Livingstone
154  Dum Dum Diddle
155  Att Finnas Till (Björn & Benny)
156  Sometimes When I’m Dreaming (Agnetha)
157  Kärlekens Tid (BAO)
158  Så Glad Som Dina Ögon (Agnetha)
159  Din (Frida)
160  You Are My Man (BAO)
161  Love Me With All Your Heart (Agnetha)
162  Jag Vill Va’ Som Du (Agnetha)
163  Syrtaki (Frida)
164  Guldet Blev Till Sand (Kristina)
165  Can’t Shake Loose (Agnetha)
166  Efter Regnet (Benny)
167  Nina, Pretty Ballerina
168  Omkring Tiggarn Från Luossa (Hootenanny Singers)
169  Du Frälste Mig I Sista Stund (BAO)
170  The Face (Frida)
171  High Hopes And Heartaches (Josefin)
172  Here We’ll Stay (Frida)
173  Fire And Ice (Frida)
174  Once Burned, Twice Shy (Agnetha)
175  Sealed With A Kiss (Agnetha)
176  I’m Still Alive (Agnetha)
177  Lycka (Benny & Björn)
178  It’s So Nice To Be Rich (Agnetha)
179  I Wish Tonight Could Last Forever (Agnetha)
180  Aldrig Mej (Frida)
181  Försonade (Agnetha)
182  Vem Kommer Såra Vem Ikväll (Frida)
183  True Love (BAO)
184  Mio Min Mio (Gemini)
185  I Know Him So Well (Chess)
186  Sunny Girl (Hep Stars)
187  The Way You Are (Agnetha)
188  Mr. Persuasion (Agnetha)
189  Tio Mil Kvar Till Korpilombolo (Agnetha)
190  Zigenarvän (Agnetha)
191  Hovas Vittne
192  Kvinnor Som Springer (Frida)
193  Fernando (Frida)
194  När Du Tar Mej I Din Famn (Agnetha)
195  Past, Present And Future (Agnetha)
196  Threnody (Frida)
197  Tågen Kan Gå Igen (Agnetha)
198  Skenbart (BAO)
199  Inte Jag (Chess)
200  Tiger
201  The Deal (Chess)
202  I Stand Alone (Agnetha)
203  Suzy-Hang-Around
204  To Live With You (Björn & Benny)
205  Jag Vet Vad Han Vill (Chess)
206  Klinga Mina Klockor (Benny)
207  No Hay A Quien Culpar

In the last magazine, we asked you to vote for your 10 favourite songs, and we have compiled a chart out of the many votes we got. Thank you for participating everybody – your effort is greatly appreciated. Anyway, even though you were asked NOT to vote for ABBA related artists, so many of you voted for Gemini and Josefin that we decided to keep them on the list – so here is the complete list of songs you sent in: