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劇団四季 マンマ・ミーア! WATERLOO RADIO

『CHESS IN CONCERT』セカンドヴァージョン⑰1986年『CHESS』フローレンス去る/FLORENCE QUITS





So you got

What you want.

What a nasty ambition.

Set me up,

Pull me down,

Then exploit my condition.

I should have guessed, woman,

That if pressed, woman,

You’re on nobody’s side

But your own.

And you’re behaving

Like a mere woman,

It’s so clear, woman,

It’s your sex!

Once they start

Getting old,

And getting worried,

They let fly,

Take it out

On the one

Who supports them–

That’s you

I’m talking about.


Who’d ever guess it?

Such a squalid little ending–

Watching you descending

Just as far as you can go.

I’m learning

Things I didn’t want to know.

Who’d ever think it?

This would be the situation…

One more observation…

How’d we ever get this far

Before you showed me

What you really are?


You’ll be lost without me

To abuse like you’re used to.


Go away! Just get out! Be someone else’s parasite!

(But she has already gone)

I’m not the kind to be vindictive

Holding some childish grudge

How could l be? |’m in the spotlight

Half of the world my judge

AI目demand is those I work for

Those I give all my skills

All my time and pain

Those that I entertain

Give me the same compassion in return

But the fools never learn!